2nd day of COMELEC workers protests: Poll workers vow to intensify campaign for their benefits


December 29, 2010
Reference: Luallah Pama, President

2nd day of COMELEC workers protests:
Poll workers vow to intensify campaign for their benefits

“From the highlands of the Cordilleras down to the marshlands of the ARMM, COMELEC workers are rising in protest. Thus, we appeal to the Honorable Commission en banc headed by Chairman Jose Melo to heed the legitimate cries of the rank and file.”

This was the statement today by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) employees under the Alliance of COMELEC Employees in Service (ACES) as they mark their second day of protest to demand the incentives that, according to them, is rightfully theirs.

Declared ACES President Luallah Pama: “COMELEC workers nationwide will be wearing black shirts and armbands and will hold concerted actions during their lunch breaks to express our indignation over the seeming neglect of COMELEC officials to the plight of the rank and file.”

She said COMELEC employees have not been given Christmas Incentives [traditionally given by the COMELEC] for two (2) consecutive years already, despite the millions if not billions of savings accumulated by the agency, causing a creeping demoralization among their ranks. She explained government employees who contributed either in productivity or cost savings of the agency are entitled to financial incentives, in whatever form. She cited Public Sector Labor Management Council (PSLMC) Resolutions, 80% of savings generated by the agency from the adoption and implementation of cost-cutting measures can be the source of these incentives.

“If the COMELEC couldn’t afford to provide the incentives that are traditionally given to its employees because of lack of funds, then we ask where have all the COMELEC savings gone?” Pama asked.

ACES issues clarification

The ACES, meanwhile issued a clarification over some news reports that stated COMELEC employees are reportedly demanding a monthly bonus of  P20,000 for a period of nine (9) months.

“We are demanding no such thing. The figures came from COMELEC Law Department Director and Bids and Awards Committee Chairman Ferdinand Rafanan when he disclosed last October 29, 2010 that the COMELEC saved P943 million during the recent bidding processes and that the amount is even enough to cover a monthly bonus of P20,000 to each COMELEC employee for 9 months. What we are asking for is the immediate release of our Christmas Incentives that is rightfully ours in the first place,” Pama explained. ###

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