Only Melo and staff, Regional Directors get X’mas bonuses: Poll workers blast selective granting of incentives

January 3, 2011
Reference: Luallah Pama, President

Only Melo and staff, Regional Directors get X’mas bonuses:
Poll workers blast selective granting of incentives

Rank and file employees of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), under the Alliance of COMELEC Employees in Service (ACES), upped the ante of their fight for their due benefits by denouncing what they called “selective granting of incentives” wherein only Chairman Jose Melo, his staff and all Regional Election Directors got bonuses last Christmas.

Luallah Pama, ACES President, said they got hold of a document that showed Chairman Melo got P77,653 while Regional Election Directors got from P48,0000 to P50,000 or equivalent to one month of their salaries last December allegedly “in recognition and appreciation of their contribution to the successful implementation of the May 10, 2010 National and Local Elections.”

Pama added that even Finance Department Director Eduardo Mejos and COMELEC’s resident COA Auditor Resurreccion Quieta got their share of the bonus, with each receiving P51,623 and P45,971 respectively.

“We are baffled as to where they find the gall to reward themselves with bonuses last Christmas when the rest of the rank and file got nothing. Do they mean they were the only ones that did their jobs last May 10? Were it not that all the Election Day glitches and snags happened only because of the bad decisions that came from them?” stated Pama.

The ACES leader noted that the COMELEC rank and file workers have been staging protests on their lunch breaks, wearing black shirts and armbands since December 28, 2010, demanding the release of their Christmas Incentives, traditionally given to them by the COMELEC.

Pama averred that COMELEC employees have not been given Christmas Incentives for two (2) consecutive years already, despite the millions if not billions of savings accumulated by the agency, causing a creeping demoralization among their ranks. She explained government employees who contributed either in productivity or cost savings of the agency are entitled to financial incentives, in whatever form. She cited Public Sector Labor Management Council (PSLMC) Resolutions that says 80% of savings generated by the agency from the adoption and implementation of cost-cutting measures can be the source of these incentives.

“We shall continue with our protests until the COMELEC en banc heeds the legitimate cries of the rank and file,” said Pama.  – end –



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2 responses to “Only Melo and staff, Regional Directors get X’mas bonuses: Poll workers blast selective granting of incentives

  1. jk sweetangel

    from what i know dapat hindi kasama sa bonuses ang coa to maintain independence and objectivity. bakit nakakuha ang coa nyo ng bonus? at kasama bang nakakuha ng bonus yang si cora poblador? samantalang nung canvassing ay wala man lang makuhang tulong mula sa taong yan. ang gusto nya lang ay sya ang tutulungan. deserving bang bigyan ng bonus yan for their contribution sa automated election?

  2. maldita ang lola mo

    kaya pala napabalitang may tig-50 thousand daw na bonus ang mga taga comelec. yun pala mga nasa taas lang. grabe namang kagarapalan yan!

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